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The African Experience

Not just African drumming, Andy uses a whole range of pitched and non-pitched authentic African instruments to recreate real African pieces. These highly educational sessions begin with an introduction to the various instruments, their materials and construction.

Using djembes, djun djuns, gumbes, bongos and bougarabous pupils are encouraged to  explore the diverse ways of playing to produce various tones and sounds on the different animal skins used in making these instruments. In combination with other African percussion such as caxixi, gankogui, shakere, kontiki and xylophones, a structured piece is produced in ensemble with the children.

African words aid the teaching of rhythms and the children (plus teachers!) have an opportunity to play a variety of the instruments before the final giant ensemble. All our African workshops are suitable for all ages and key stages with group sizes of 60 children though even larger groups are possible. Each session lasts one hour.

“Covered every aspect of the national curriculum in an afternoon!”


“ The children thoroughly enjoyed it and the whole day was a success. I would like to add a personal thank you for the way you taught and directed our pupils - entirely calm, controlled and appropriate.