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Indian Workshops

Classical Indian music is generally often found to be a difficult genre to grasp as it is very complex but these hands-on sessions present an opportunity to explore many of the aspects of the Raga and allow chance for pupils to be immersed in this exotic sound world.  The workshops involve a vast range of incredible Indian instruments including sitar, tambura, harmoniums, shruti boxes, war horns, tabla drums, dhols, dholaks, kohls, gopichands, kartals, maziras, chimtas and ghungroo.  Workshops are suitable for children of all ages and carefully crafted for each key stage, bringing Indian music and the raga to life in an exciting and informative way. These sessions work particularly well with single classes but can cater for up 60 children per hour session.

“The day heightened the children’s interest in music and helped put the National Curriculum in perspective”

TestimonialsIn the Newspapers!

“It was the first time some of the children had seen some of these instruments and all of them got to have a go.”

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“Tastes and Sounds of India” for pupils”

Diwali Workshops

The latter half of the Autumn term, October through to December,  when the days are darkening, herald a special time in the Hindu calendar celebrating Diwali, the Festival of Light. These informative workshops explore the cultural music of India and background stories of this beautiful festival of light and new beginnings. The children see and dress up in some exotic Indian clothes (a traditional gift of Diwali) and with the use of some intricately carved leather shadow puppets, the story of Rama and Sita (the Ramayana) and the battle of light over dark and good over evil will be told. The sessions culminates in a fun and very active dandiya stick dance and throughout educational links are made between music, religion, story-telling  and performance.