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Australian Workshops

Discover the link between termites, eucalyptus trees and aboriginal music with these fun and educational Australian workshops beginning with a craft activity making instruments to be used in the sessions.  The children will see a variety of didgeridoos and will be shown how to produce the various sounds and noises associated with these  instruments. All children will then have the opportunity to play as part of a giant didgeridoo ensemble. Using these, along with Aboriginal clap sticks and their hand-made instruments, children sing and accompany a well-known song whilst learning a whole new meaning to the lyrics! Pupils also enjoy dressing up and exploring other aspects of Australian culture including colloquial as well some aboriginal language.

The Didgeridoo

The didgeridoo starts life as the branch of a tree (generally the eucalyptus) that's hollowed out over the years by wood-eating termites. When an Aborigine wants a didgeridoo, he taps the branches of the trees until he discovers a hollow one and then cuts it down, cleans and polishes it and often decorates it with Aboriginal artwork, typically animals such as snakes and lizards. By blowing gently down the hollow tube, a drone is produced and by varying the tongue position in the mouth, the unique sound associated with the didgeridoo is created.

Sounds Australian

The sessions run for 30 minutes (plus at least 30 minutes for the craft activity) and generally work best with single classes at a time.  The workshops are suitable for all ages.