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These workshops are a fantastic choice for environmental and recycling topics in school. The 'Sounds Rubbish' sessions involve recycled bins, beaters and buckets and children have great fun letting off steam with a variety of drumming activities.

This is a wonderful group session for developing concentration and collaborative listening with the children imitating strong rhythm patterns and developing ideas to accompany more contemporary music and experience mixing simple rhythms in layers.

These workshops are suitable for all ages and key stages and cater for up to 60 pupils per session. All sessions last 30 minutes.

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“The children were mesmerised by the range of percussion instruments you brought and that they were active participants in the visit...”

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“ They enjoyed that!”

“ I don’t think that I can ever remember so many children talking so excitedly about an activity”


This amazing design and technology workshop works well in partnership with 'Sounds Rubbish' but can also be combined with any of the other workshops. The children are introduced to some rather unusual instrument-making and are often astounded at the sounds that can be produced by such simple recycled materials using some most interesting methods of sound production.

Starting with the reception class, Andy moves from class to class throughout the school involving all the children in making instruments that they can take home with them. Clear demonstrations are given and with the exception of the usual classroom equipment, all materials are provided inclusive of cost.

These workshops are a whole school activity fitting perfectly into an afternoon session allowing other options during the morning.

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