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Sounds Fusion

Our Sounds Fusion workshops allow schools to mix up to 4 different workshops with a celebratory concert at the end of the day. These provide a wonderful opportunity for classes to specialise in a variety of cultures and then share their learning experiences with the rest of the school. Most of our workshops are possible (except Gamelan) and depending on numbers, visits are tailored to suit the needs of individual schools.

Around the World Concerts

Another combination opportunity, this interactive concert is a whirlwind tour through almost everything musical.  Throughout the concert children will have the opportunity to come out to help Andy play or demonstrate a whole variety of percussion instruments from across the world. Andy also demonstrates a wide range of stringed instruments from the 16th Century lute right through to the electric guitar (often the children’s favourite!)  Carefully balanced demonstration and participation ensures that even the very youngest children will be captivated for the whole concert!

This concert is often combined with Samba workshops in the morning and really allow schools to make the very most of a special and memorable day.


“The way that you introduced the elements of music explaining in very simple terms, concepts like harmony and rhythm was particularly pleasing...”

“The children still talk about the effects you demonstrated...they have obviously been inspired - they were captivated!”


“ The concert was brill, everyone loved it! It also gave a chance for everyone to learn, but have fun as well! Thank you again!”