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The Samba Band originates from Brazil and creates a unique, vibrant carnival sound. Using surdos, repeniques, cuicas, tamborims, agogos and a variety of maracas, these well-structured and informative sessions give the children a  wonderful taste of Brazilian music. Completely hands-on, every child has an instrument and will play as part of a percussion orchestra, experiencing multi-rhythmic, multi-textured pieces.  The ideas are simple but the result extremely effective.  Teachers are of course very welcome to join in!

The workshops are suitable for all ages and key stages and can cater for up to 100 per group.

Sessions last 30 minutes, allowing for 3-4 sessions per morning!  

Samba sessions can easily be combined with other workshops or an Around the World Concert Tour in the afternoon.

”Andy! Just wanted to let you know that we had a fabulous day! I couldn't believe the quality of actual learning that went into the day! With so many children and such a lot happening, it was still amazingly educational! Children, staff and parents alike LOVED it!! And you'll be delighted to know that a child correctly named an agogo today!!! Thanks again!”


“Quite apart from the educational value, the balance that you established between fine musicianship teacher and entertainment was just what we wanted.”