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About Us Corporate Days & Parties

Andy is also available for corporate days and training. All his workshops are fantastic for boosting moral and team building and all guaranteed to be great fun and informative at the same time!

If you’re planning a party for your organisation Sounds Roadshows sessions can provide a really refreshing change, especially for themed events.

As well as a variety of drumming workshops - Samba, African ... Andy incorporates a variety of games to add to the fun! Didgeridoos, bagpipes and dance feature contributing to a really fantastic day or night out!

The Development of Sounds Roadshows

Andrew Warn M.Mus B.A. (Hons) L.T.C.L. is an accomplished musician, both a highly acclaimed performer and an experienced teacher.  For over 20 years, Andy has developed a series of professional world workshops for schools, touring the UK and providing a unique and memorable experience for children of all ages and key stages as well as training for teachers.

In addition to his work in schools, Andy has directed  a music school, The Crotchet Factory, with his wife Maxine for many years, working with children from pre-school onwards and together they teach a variety of instruments including guitar, ukulele, piano, keyboard, recorder as well as having developed percussion courses for younger ones. Andy has also conducted large guitar ensembles and examined for the Guildhall School of Music.

As a performer, Andy’s experience ranges from his years as a rock musician, touring Britain and Germany, to his Classical recitals, both solo and ensemble, involving guitar and lute. He has played in a variety of combinations, most recently with his son Jacob as part of ‘Windy Strings’, a recorder and guitar duo. As well as guitar and percussion, Andy’s instrumental proficiency also includes bagpipes, lute and didgeridoo to name but a few!

Over the years, Andy’s passion for World Music has been driven by his work with a variety of professionals and grown through his own experience of other cultures, most recently with educational visits to Hawaii, Bali and the Gambia.  All workshops are visually stunning using a vast array of authentic instruments from around the globe with the emphasis on stimulating children’s interest in World Music through a complete ‘hands-on’ experience.  Most importantly, Andy consistently ensures that the children are inspired, thus promoting their enthusiasm for music as a whole!

Each day is tailored to suit the needs of your school and designed to involve as many children as possible, commonly the WHOLE SCHOOL!  Andy and his team are all CRB checked and further references are available on request.  

Over the past 20 years, Andy has been developing his Sounds Roadshows for schools so that they are as educative, interactive and enjoyable as possible. Take a look at some of the images below to get a feel of how they’ve progressed.

Guitar workshop 2.jpeg Showcase 2.jpeg Showcase 4.jpeg Showcase 5.jpeg Showcase 3.jpeg Guitar workshop.jpeg